AES - CEVIN Z - Approved Approved Stallion


UELN: 826002970005391
Chipnumber: 958000010584489
Colour: GREY
Height: 1,67m
Geburtsdatum: 04-04-1997 (27 YEARS OLD)
Sex: SEX M
Duplicate issued: YES
Owner/Keeper: THE BILLY STUD

Stud Fee: £ 950,00
Telephone: 01948666295
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.stallionai.co.uk
WFFS: Tested Negative


Cevin Z's breeding features the outstanding bloodlines for which the Zangersheide Studbook is famous. He carries the double crosses of both Cor de la Bryere and Capitol 1 in his pedigree. He was the second highest priced foal from this prestigious stud in 1997. Cevin Z is highly regarded both for talent and pedigree, with an exceptional temperament with which he stamps his progeny. His first youngstock were placed fi rst and second at the Young Horse Championships in 2006. Conquistador II being the only horse to jump consistently clear throughout the Show and therefore earning a Bonus Prize.

Coriall Z his sire is one of the top stallions of the Zangershiede stud with many graded sons and he is a 3/4 brother to the well known show jumping stallion Corrado 1, sire of Indorado. His father Cor de la Bryere is one of the most important stallions in modern show jumping, having sired 88 plus graded stallions, his progeny having won over 2 million pounds in prize money in Germany alone.

Larthago the dam of Cevin Z competed internationally, winning a major class at HOYS in 2003 and the CSI-A CH10 Rotterdam at 1.45m. Among her progeny she has four KWPN approved stallions standing in Europe, all her progeny are fetching high prices and her embryo transplants will cost 25,000 Euros.

Cevin Z was one of the most consistent 6 year olds in the country in 2003 achieving 4th place in the Foxhunter Championships at the Horse of the Year Show. His international winnings totalled £8000.00 when competing at Lisbon, Chantilly and Vimeiro in 2007, with UK wins at both The Surrey County and New Forest Shows.

Offspring of 'CEVIN Z' (398)

Constantine Billy On Show Chandon Catherston Connor Catherston Concorde Borough Pennyz Billy Laden Billy Rockaway Mountain Sea Breeze Billy Brass Billy Lemon Bashirah Rr Baka Rr Co-Star Connor Blaencwm Jester Oneida B.Z. Matilda Ashwey Calisto Ashwey Curanda Cevin'z Gem Daisy Curlew of Knights Enham Grange Simply Gifted Billy Tango Billy On High Billy Nimbus Billy Bounce Billy The Biz Billy Cevelle Billy Mexico Billy Balou Billy Birvin Billy Manhattan Billy Bonjour Billy Bet Ya Arthur Woodlands Persuasion Call Me Smartie Edgaglow Cevin'z Joy Gee Whizz Confidential Billy Dazzle Billy Corrib Sienna Z Another Whiskey Oscar Zee Wisbeach Lilly H Calder Beattie Santa Anita Veyga Casandra Billy McCain Billy Yen Billy Anderson BILLY BELFAST Billy Deacon Billy Sparky Billy Hakuna Billy Dinero Reagan Billy Caveman Seafin Midnight Song Dreamer Bates BDA Woodlands Doris Cymbeline Madeira Vinicity Cymbeline Unnamed Filly By Cevin Z Billy Nicool Billy Wish Billy Cookie Billy Beuagio Billy Diamo Billy Icicle Billy Republic Billy Haggle Billy Vizta Billy Porter Billy Lunar Billy Koala Cloudy Bay (Lottie) Billy Barola Billy Allstar Billy Surf Billy Bug Freddie Zeddy Go Celvin Rosgan Dazzle Pure Picasso Amy Unnamed Filly By Cevin Z Red Ladette Calvin Calvino Poppinghole C Shanti billy Mcilroy Billy Tudor Billy Rhodes billy wonder Billy Tennessee Billy Orinoco Unnamed Colt billy corona Billy Oak billy colman Billy Mahjong Billy Cadenza Billy Optimist Billy Radisson Billy Samaritan Billy Du Montois Billy Bamboo billy Malindi Billy Garland BILLY ROCKS Billy Snowdrop Billy Oxo Unnamed Filly billy euro-mine billy betsy Billy Prompt billy memphis Unnamed Colt Wonder If Breeze Anchorman Lambrook Zipiko Farleaze The Beez Kneez Below StairZ Eye Candy TH Cevin Z Diva Ohohzevin Optical Illusion Oakingham Rossetti Woodland Jubilee Wisbeach Cevin'z Pride Zambezi Zosia Mintridge Zammy Ceana Minimeez Zaragoza Oaklands Wonder How Isla's Brave Heart Summer Nights CVS Jive Talkin' Cevin's Heartbreaker billy arizona billy honest billy tinsel Cosmopolitan Prince Happy Days Persephone Infinity Cevins Cavalier Zilveren Icoon BDA BILLY PADDINGTON Wally The Charmer Rainflakes billy Harmony billy york billy bee gee billy bud billy cavatina Billy Cevetti billy earl grey billy jupiter billy gold billy bogart billy pearl billy avon Billy Adonis Blue billy prescott Broadstone Número Uno Millyz Midnight Diva Diamond Zest Unnamed Filly Rudianos Wisbeach Elite Binky Miserden Callista Manzanita CORIDALE ZORO CORIDALE ZIGGY Cevann Cevin's Pleasure Allotta Z GFE Cordexus Quizical Z Zip Code Z What A Mission Falcon's Juno Tarzan Cas N Ova Vinella Cambridge Way To Go Bentley Johnny-A Cevino Capitol Hill Douglas Strade Bianche Billy Heythrop billy lambert Billy Javert Billy Go Lightly Hillfields Temporale Fortuna Z Wickstead Stormhill Z Cacao Artisan billy limoncello Its Bueno Classic Fontaine UNI VIN Z Cevin's Hidden Gem pokers cove JSR ZebeDee CLOVER JOY Fosseway Valiant Broadstone Primrose Broadstone Ruby Coeur De La Mer VALETA Springwind Cevin DELTA L.H. Irco Loriall Bombay Sapphire Leadon Dazzler Spring Fortune harvest moon JUMANJI Kalilla Z Every Cloud TH RCA BELLINE Z Royah-Z Davos Mintridge Razzmatazz Fairy Z FAIRVIEW VIM Z D'OR Bermudez BDA BEN CROMWELL ELMONDO Zebide Z billy seven Pixie noah Mullaghdrin Echo billy cattistock billy pollard billy launcelot billy boleyn BILLY FRANKLIN BILLY BARLOW OAKLANDS HARMONY BILLY CARMEN Fine and Dandy Spanish Rose Billy Bombette billy beach ball billy marionette billy dinah Kan-doo INGLE DOLLY MIXTURE GLS CONTESSINA Cayman confidential Marina's Enzo Z Ditchford Explorer Airz TREASURE HUNT BEST ENDEAVOUR MIDNIGHT ESCAPADE Minnie Manoeuvrez CALVIDOR YSH Leadon Haze Panda SVALBARD POPPY Ruby De Reve Lilibet 2 HALLO SPACEBOY BARKLEY BAY Delilah Z (E.T) Patchzup Oakley Olive Nala Lily Potter Broadstone Sailor CLASSIC FAIRYTALE BOLINREADY LB SEVINA Chain Reaction Tickled Pink KALICO GLS PRINCE BISHOP Armscote Explorer Viva La Vida CASEWICK'S CLASSIC Calcourt Horizon MIZTER MEANER Rubha Dubh Casewick Aurora Popcorn Pizzazz The Peggy Zuperlative PLATINUM ROSE Billy Earp Billy Richmond E.T. Billy Beaulieu E.T. Billy Hastings E.T. Billy Duchess E.T. BILLY NIMBLE (E.T.) Billy EARNEST Billy Virgo Billy Jig (E.T.) Billy Essex (E.T.) BILLY ARAGON BILLY CARAVAGGIO BILLY LLOYD BILLY LEGEND BILLY IN THE GETTO Billy Utah Louis Van Z BILLY SANDRINGHAM RISADA TRIBIANI CEVIN'S KITE Birchfields Macarthur BEST ON STAGE (E.T) SILVER SPIKE Best Escapade not fade away Marchants Spinel BILLY STUCK ON YOU BILLY LANCASTER (E.T.) BLUE VISION BILLY AT LAST BOWSTRAIGHT ELIZA Time for Z HURSTWOOD PARTY POPPER GFE CASSIUS CRECORA WHATS SNAP ZEVA B Okehurst Little Mexico Sambucca BUCKABOO Z COOMBELAND CEVIN WICKED Z CEVIN'S KISS BOXTED MIMI RISADA REGINA PHALANGE CRUSADER MAYQUEEN Z DUKES COMMAND Catniss EVERDEAN CEVINS ROSE CELENA Z DF CEVIN'S PROPOSAL PORTOBELLO WOODSIDE'S ADARLIA CEVINZ KEZIA BROADSTONE MIDGET GEM EG ELISARA Z ACCORDING TO DOLLY RISADA DRINKS ON ME Reveur De Illinoise UNNAMED COLT BILLY SO LUCKY BILLY THE BILL BILLY REGENT Zevanner Percy Spring Fairy Z TBF CEVELIA golden henrietta Bula Bill Billy Lola UNNAMED COLT HD BLUE COMMANDO Broadstone All Star BEST ON TREND LILLI LANGTRY Delilah HENDRICK LFB GOLDEN GRACE HILLFIELDS BEL CAPPELLO SUPER FRIT Z Cevinz King RAYNOR SHINE NO DOUBT TSH GREYSTONE MIDNIGHT SONATA Bee Znees Radley Wood Calgary

Pedigree of 'CEVIN Z'

CORIALL HOLST DE321210094087 1987
COR DE LA BRYERE SF 25000160011506B 1901
RANTZAU XX XX DE306064779046 1901
FOXLIGHT XX XX 1935 1901
RANCUNE XX XX 1940 1901
QUENOTTE SF 25000150003047L 1901
BROWN 1,70m
LURIOSO SF 25000159001698T 1901
VESTALE DU BOIS MARGOT SF 25000149001674K 1901
VERA II HOLST DE321210033583 1983
BROWN 1,72m
CAPITOL I HOLST DE321210615475 1975
GREY 1,69m
CAPITANO HOLST DE321210398668 1901
FOLIA HOLST DE321210460603 1901
LADYKIND HOLST 210506474 1974
LARTHAGO HOLST DE321210129593 1993
GREY 1,70m
CARTHAGO HOLST DE321210021987 1987
GREY 1,71m
CAPITOL I HOLST DE321210615475 1975
GREY 1,69m
CAPITANO HOLST DE321210398668 1901
FOLIA HOLST DE321210460603 1901
PERRA HOLST DE321210044578 1978
BROWN 1,70m
CALANDO I HOLST DE321210617974 1974
KERRIN HOLST DE321212110973 1973
DAISY IV HOLST DE321210085189 1989
GREY 1,62m
CALETTO I HOLST DE321210604175 1975
BROWN 1,74m
COR DE LA BRYERE SF 25000160011506B 1901
DEKA HOLST DE321210406603 1901
ODRINA HOLST DE321210084577 1977
GREY 1,61m
LOCARNO HOLST 210077272 1972
ADRIANA HOLST 210541064 1964